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Preschool Peace Trees in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, the preschool classrooms read stories, had conversations, studied pictures, listened to speeches and even visited Memorial Church where Reverend King once spoke. By learning about Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and connecting it to their own they were able to better understand his life’s work.

For children in the Red Door Room, this led to bigger conversations about

the concept of Power and Rights.

Part of their work was the creation of Peace Trees inspired by the one seen on

Sesame Street. Each child created their own picture about how they would to help make the world a better place. Teachers supported children by writing their words.

These two trees are now in our foyer and highlight some of the work of the

Preschool Classrooms' Anti-Bias and Anti- Racist work.

Please check them out with your child on your next visit!

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