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At HYCCC our goal is a warm, safe and stimulating environment in which children, parents and our professional staff may thrive..  Inspired by the pedagogy of the schools of Reggio Emilia, we take a developmental approach to our work with children, pulling from the foundational thinking of Vygotsky and Piaget.  At HYCCC it is through play that we see children develop new skills and make concepts their own.  Teachers work to "set the stage" by offering an inviting and flexible classroom that is responsive to the interests of children.  Curriculum is developed through a process of observation, reflection and documentation.  We work in partnership with parents to build a community with children as our primary focus.  We believe that every member of our community - child and adult - benefits from an atmosphere that combines cooperation between all while maintaining respect and appreciation for the individual.  

Mission Statement

Harvard Yard Child Care Center is a high-quality, non-profit early education center on the Harvard University campus.  Founded in 1971, HYCCC is a community of learners that includes children, families, teachers, and administrators. Through thoughtful and intentional principles, an emergent curriculum, and a commitment to social justice we create a nurturing environment to support the whole child. Demonstration of respectful practices and interactions is a core value in our program.  HYCCC builds connections among community members and prioritizes the professional development of our teachers.

Guiding Principles

  1. We treat others, children and adults, with respect and care.

  2. Because development spans a lifetime, we constantly learn, change, and improve our practice.

  3. We teach and listen with intention.

  4. We tailor our teaching practice to best meet the individual needs of our children and families.

  5. We value and respect difference within and beyond our community.

  6. We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and improvement of our practice as teachers, collaborative partners with parents, and as role models to children.

  7. As adults, we are committed to maintaining our own health and well being as a basis on which our ability to care for children depends.

  8. Our work is a collaborative effort, recognizing that learning for children at HYCCC is centered in the group dynamic.


Anti-Bias/Anti-Racist Principles

  1. We value authentic representation of all families;  their beliefs, traditions, and cultures through intentional planning and documentation.

  2. We are committed to partnering with parents and others to learn more about diverse lived experiences and to bring a wide perspective into our teaching. 

  3. We value the individuality of the diverse members of our world and work towards inclusion for all. 

  4. We are on an individual and collective Anti-Bias and Anti-Racist journey. We accept that we will make mistakes and are committed to acknowledging and repairing as we learn. 

  5. We value creating an environment where our scaffolding of Anti-Bias and Anti-Racist work allows children to express their learning through meaningful conversations and interactions. 

  6. We are committed to having honest and meaningful conversation about race, gender, and disabilities with children and each other in developmentally appropriate ways. We commit to teaching this important work to the children.

  7. We acknowledge and value our privilege in having access to a multitude of resources to enhance our work.  

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